Children's French for Beginners : Level 1


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Introduce your child/children to French in a fun and interactive way. This course will get them talking French from the start. It is for children from 5-14 years, however many parents benefit too! 
It can be a lovely experience to learn a language with your child from the comfort of your home.

What your child will learn with us

  • Start talking in French from the first lesson!
  • Learn everyday words that they can use in their everyday lives
  • Learn at their own pace while having fun with every lesson
  • Discover France and some of its famous landmarks from the comfort of your home

This course is video-based and taught by Aisling and her children, a bilingual speaker who is an experienced French teacher.

  • over 1 hour of content broken down into manageable videos where you will learn at least 10 new words every 10 minutes!  
  • progressive & comprehensive learning, french is made enjoyable and fun
  • next levels are in the making
  • This easy-to course is for absolute beginners as well as people getting started with the French language, or parents who would like a new and nurturing experience with their children

Learning French with Aisling is fun, pleasant and effective. Aisling has taught thousands of students of all ages in private and group settings, and has received extremely positive feedback from them.

Topics covered in this introductory course are French numbers, introducing yourself, food, clothes, numbers, colours and lots more! There is a key focus on pronunciation (accents, stressing, tips...), and getting your child speaking French from the start! It also includes a cultural virtual trip to France!

One of the many perks of this course are that the videos build on the vocabulary covered in the previous lessons. 

Learning French is no easy task, one must put time and effort to learn but you MUST have FUN. Enjoying learning is the key to staying motivated and progressing efficiently.

Who this course is for:

  • Persons with little or no knowledge of the French language
  • French enthusiasts who want to get to know the language
  • Parents who want their children to experience languages
  • Parents who want to have a nurturing and collaborative experience with their child