Welcome to Lingweezy

Lingweezy creates a safe digital world full of real-life scenarios that children interact with through speech. This enchanting experience promotes quick adoption and life-long learning. Lingweezy brings languages to life in a unique approach that is fun for all.

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Lingweezy Presentation

This is an introduction to Lingweezy for New Frontiers Limerick Feb 2020.

Language Tips

A quick explanation why children dont need to be taught languages through translation.


Fun and easily accessible

Animated characters introduce the language through games and activities for all. Learning is built up step by step so that children enjoy a great sense of successful achievement.

Caters for children from 5-12 years old

Lingweezy is for learning levels of children from 5-12 years, however everyone is a child at heart, so adults too can have great fun learning a language with us.

A tool for future success

Learning a language increases a child's cognitive ability, decision making skills and life skills, essential for future success.

Real life

Learning language in a practical context gives students confidence to use their language in real life situation

No prior knowledge needed

Lingweezy starts at the very start, with Hello/Bonjour/Dia dhuit so no prior knowledge is needed, we will help you build your learning as you progress. Independent learning is key to us, so children can use it without their parents/teachers knowing the language.

Based on A1.1 (CEFR) Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Lingweezy has based its curriculum structure on the learning outcomes of the CEFR

Caters for different learner needs

Children learn in different ways and have different learning requirements. Lingweezy provides a learning platform using strategic learning methods in order to cater for varied learning needs.

Our Story

Lingweezy was created by Aisling Finn, an educator and parent whose passion for languages inspired her to make language learning fun and interactive. She worked as a secondary French and Irish language teacher, and is a mother to 4 children. She is Irish, yet wanted to ensure her children had a good level of French from a young age as she saw first hand the struggles that teenagers have when starting a language at the age of 13.

She struggled to find engaging resources that inspired the skill of speaking a language for children. She wanted her children to experience varied and real conversation situations, rather than it being always led by her. She believes that all children should have the experience of learning languages in order to set them up better for their future successes.